This One Goes Out to the Mama's

One of the best parts of my job is getting to capture motherhood!! From the first hours in the hospital, to watching them prepare for a new stage in life after high school, I love being a part of capturing it.

At each session I always grab a few shots of just mom and her babies. I always hope that these are pictures that will be passed down for many generations, and that you and your children look back at them and smile at all the happy memories you made. 

To all the mom's out there, thank you for letting me be a part of your special moments, and allowing me to create something beautiful for you and your children to hold on to. Hope you have a very happy Mother's Day filled with love, and maybe some peace and quiet ;) 

Sellers Family | Woodstock Family Photographer

This was one of the very first families I had the pleasure of photographing when I started my business! You can view that session here!  

At the time I took their last photos mom was pregnant with their little girl, so it was just the four of them. I was so excited to finally meet their little girl, who was just all smiles for our session. The boys were so sweet with her, it was really fun to watch. Dad wasn't able to make it to the session so I mainly just focused on the kiddos, and am looking forward to getting all 5 of them in front of my camera this spring!