Oosterwyk Family pt 1 | Woodstock Family Photographer

You might be wondering why this session has 2 parts. It's not that it was a really long session I had to split in half because we got SO MANY pictures! Quite the opposite actually. We headed out to Scottsdale Farms the morning after Thanksgiving for a shoot in their Christmas trees. The have the cutest setup with their real trees, and inside the shop are so many fun and unique finds. I can't wait to take some more clients to this location!

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As I was saying, we arrived when the place opened and started of really great! Lots of smiles and fun, but that only lasted about 10 minutes before this sweet little girl was just done, and did not want to take any pictures. I tried to pull out all my favorite tricks, but she just wasn't having it. So I told the family we could reschedule for another day. I did get some great pictures of them, but the overachiever in me just know I could get more! 

While I can do everything I can to tell you how to prepare for the session, and how to prepare your children, sometimes life happens. I'm first and foremost a mom, I get it! I do everything I can before, during, and after our session to deliver you images that you and your family will love for a very long time! I will not always be able to accommodate your family for a re-shoot, but if there is a good reason I will do my best. 

Lehmann Family | Roswell Family Photographer

The weekend I was scheduled to take this families pictures the weather kept doing this dance of being sunny on minute, then rainy the next! The forecast the night before said it wasn't going to rain the morning of our session so we decided to head out. Of course that morning, the sky decided to do a different dance! We headed out anyway and thankfully the rain stopped while we were out shooting! We all really loved the overcast, foggy morning, and the look it gave to the photos! Reminded all of us of Scotland. 

You'll see that we were on the go a lot this session. When I am a shooting session with toddlers that is usually the case. I just go with it though and try to catch all their fast and happy faces!! If there is one thing I can tell parents of toddlers, is that I don't expect them to sit still at the session. Yes we will try to get that "Christmas Card shot" but sometimes it doesn't happen. What does happen with child led sessions, is a lot of images of happy faces that capture your child's personality.