Newborn Model Call

I have had such an amazing time this fall photographing so many new, and old families! I still have some fun sessions coming up! If you are reading this and wish you could get in on one, you are in luck, I have a few spots open in December!

While the end of the year is coming entirely too quickly, I am really excited about some changes and growth here at Adrienne Louise Photography. I have been very fortunate in my short time in business, and I can't wait to see where next year takes me. I have already started mapping out some fun projects and goals for 2018. I haven't started Christmas shopping, but at least I have 2018 starting off on a good note...haha!

One of my goals is to meet some new families to document. What better way than to document those first moments with their newest little additions. I love babies, and I love these relaxed newborn lifestyle sessions

During the month of December I will be looking for 2 growing families to participate in this model call. I am looking for babies between 3-4 weeks of age. The session will be held in the client's home showcasing their personality, tastes, and that nursery I bet you spent some time on! I like to keep it simple, no props, or intricate posing, just you and your family soaking in all that newness.

If you or someone you know is interested or expecting please contact me to talk more about the session.

How to Dress for Family Photos

This is by far the biggest question I get asked most often before a session. 

As far as wardrobe suggestions, I will start off by saying, I am probably the least stylish person I know, but here are a few general tips to help you out. You can also refer to a couple of my Pinterest boards here and here for inspiration!

Coordination is key

  • Don't be too matchy, coordinating colors and patterns are awesome, but no 90's white t-shirts and jeans a la Akward Family Photos. Only because it looks dated, and when everyone wears the same color, you like one big blob. Limit your patterns to one or two people, too many can distract from the final image.
mom and daughter portrait


  • Most of my sessions are outdoors, depending on how green it is outside, I would avoid wearing green so you don't blend in. If it is fall or winter and the leaves have changed and there's lots of yellow and red in the trees, it would be a great color to wear. Dark purples, deep reds, and golds would look good too in the fall.
  • Neutrals like creme, grey, and tan, muted blues and blushes, in different layers/textures always look good no matter the season. The key to neutrals is to use them in variety of layers and textures. A cardigan here, some lace there, maybe some corduroy and denim. Mix up your shirt styles, pants, skirts and dresses in different fabrics. Here's a good example of that. 
  • Another way to choose your color pallette is to look right at home. Since these pictures will hang on your walls, choose colors that complement your home style and decor. 

Layers and accessories

  • A cardigan or a scarf can add some dimension. I love layering fitted jackets and vests in the winter. A statement necklace, a bold colored or shiny metal cuff, or some fun earrings can add interest. Limit accessories to one or two pieces to keep a more classic look to your portraits.
Couple in field at sunset

Wardrobe Building

  • Pick one outfit and build around it. Whether it's a special outfit you have for your kids, or picking an outfit that makes you feel fabulous, and building around it. 
  • Be conscious of where we are shooting your session. If we are going to venture around the city, being super dressed up and in your stilettos will work, might not look great or be practical shooting in a park or field. 
mother and daughter at Anderson Sunflower Farm

Be true to you

  • In the end these pictures are about you and the connection between the members of your family. You don't have to be a fashionista, you just need to put a little thought and care into it. Choose clothes you are all comfortable in, and that speak to your unique personalities. Using this tip alone, I guarantee you have something in your closet that will work.
Family of 3 with dog at Green Meadows Preserve Marietta, GA


  • neon colors - they will cast a color on your skin 
  • narrow pinstripes, they have a weird effect on camera
  • anything with logos, or character shirts
  • short skirts/dresses, I will ask you to sit on ground at some point for some fun cuddly family shots, and you can end up looking stiff and uncomfortable if you're trying to stay covered.

I know how hard it can be to pick outfits, so I am always happy to get text's or emails from my clients with pictures to help them choose!