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3 Best Locations For Your Photo Session | adriennelouisephotography.com

One of my favorite things to do while planning a client session is choosing the location. While I do have a list of favorite locations, I am always looking for something new and unique. Part of my process is sitting down with my clients to get to know them. I believe that it is really important to the whole process. It helps make the actual shoot day go smoother since we've already gotten those first-meeting-awkward-jitters out of the way. 

In getting to know you, I can also guide you in a few key aspects of planning your session. One of those being where we are going to take your pictures. Choosing a location that is reflective of your family's personality will make a big difference in how your family connections come through in your images.

Not only should you pick where you are most comfortable, but also think about where you want to display these photos. I want you to have the photos we take displayed in your home. Your home is usually the biggest reflection of who you are, so let that help guide you in choosing.

Example: Does your home have a cozy farmhouse feel? An urban session with bright colorful murals in the background may not be the best choice. You might want to choose the location with the open fields and covered bridge.

Here are a few places to think about as we start planning where you want your next photo session to be! 

1. Let's Get Outside and Explore

The number one place my family's choose to have their pictures taken is in the great outdoors. I love scouting for pretty parks, and wide open fields with pretty tree lines and beautiful golden light.

I have a few favorite spots I can show you, but I also love going on adventures if you have something in mind! If you and your family are the outdoorsy type then let's get outside and play. Maybe you want to go hang out at the lake, or explore your favorite trail. You may enjoy the flowers in the springtime, or the leaves changing in the fall as your backdrop. If you live at the beach there's no better place, in my humble opinion, to have your family photos taken. There are endless options!

family in field at Berry Patch Farms | 3 best locations for your next family session | adriennelouisephotography.com

2.  Urban Dwellings

With so many live/work/play areas in and out of the city, there are some really fun and unique backdrops available for your next session. The colors and textures of the city can really make your pictures stand out. Some of my favorites have been making use of some of the fun murals you see painted on city walls. The city provides some interesting architecture, and even your favorite downtown area can add some charm to your photos.

Another idea for an urban session is to visit some of your favorite places. Do you and your fiancee spend Sunday mornings at your favorite coffee bar? Or do your kids have a favorite ice cream shop? Let's document that! Talk about an easy way to get your kids on board for pictures! We can can get lots of fun reactions with the kids, and you get beautiful photos to remember your happy places by.

Senior girl in front of bright mural | 3 best locations for your next family session | adriennelouisephotography.com

3. There's No Place Like Home

Speaking of happy places! This is mine, and this is probably one of my favorite places to take family pictures. I always do my lifestyle newborn pictures in my clients home. Partly because it's just easier when you've got a new baby, but also because I love how cozy and laid back these sessions are. Plus, they showcase the place where you make the best memories! 

These sessions just aren't for babies though. If your family loves Sunday morning tickle fights, let document it. Maybe you and your fiancee love cooking together. Sunday morning pancakes are a thing in my house and everyone pitches in, this is on my own bucket list of sessions to have done with my own family. I make these sessions full of fun by letting you all just be yourselves!

I set up and handed my camera over to my husband to capture these sweet moments of me baking with my son last summer. I will cherish these FOREVER!

I set up and handed my camera over to my husband to capture these sweet moments of me baking with my son last summer. I will cherish these FOREVER!

On that note, I know a lot of you may be thinking "but my house is too messy, it doesn't look like one of those Pinterest houses." I am here to tell you, 99% of the homes I shoot in don't! While I will ask you to put the clutter away, and look for rooms with good light, your house does not have to be perfect. We all have clutter, we all have a junk drawer, or in my case a closet! What your home does have is your things, and your people, and your kids will love looking back at these pictures in 30 years and remembering the place they spent their childhood.

There are so many places we could go to take your pictures! In the end though remember that these pictures are not about a pretty field, or a beautiful art mural on a wall, they are about you and the connection you have with your people. 


What have been some of your favorite spots you've had your photos done? Where are some places that you'd like to go? Let's chat more about planning your next session! Contact me using the button below, or email me at adriennelouisephotography@gmail.com.