What to Wear (and where to shop!) for Maternity Photos | Atlanta Maternity Photographer

What to wear (and where to shop) for your maternity photos | Atlanta Maternity Photographer | adriennelouisephotography.com

I've said it once, I will say it again, I am not the most stylish person, I just like what I like, which may be different from what you like. I do know what looks good through my lens, and what adds to the story I try to create in our sessions. 

While most of my general tips are still the same, see post here, there are a few extra tips I like to give my maternity clients. I love documenting this time, and I love to show off that bump! I know one consideration for a lot of mama's is by the third trimester, they have no interest in investing in anything new. Luckily, I have included a few budget friendly sites, along with some online rental houses to give you some options. 

Maternity portraits of mother holding belly at McFarlane Nature park | What to Wear for Maternity Photos | adriennelouisephotography.com

Show off your bump!

My favorite part of the maternity session is documenting that beautiful bump of yours! I find that maxi dresses with a waist above the bump are comfortable and cute. Be sure to wear one that is made for maternity so that the length doesn't rise too much in the front. Dresses that have a larger skirt, give some beautiful movement as well.

Another option is a fitted maternity dress, or maternity jeans and and fitted top. If it's fall, jeans and a belted cardigan would accentuate the bump as well. Here are some of my favorite ideas I've pinned!

Avoid anything that does not have a waist, like trapeze dresses, or anything with a drop waist. You'll just end up looking larger than you really are, and again, we want to show off that bump, not hide it! If you have small children be careful with dresses that are short, I may ask you to sit on the ground for some cuddly shots, and sometimes it's hard to stay covered up.

Session Style

Something else to keep in mind is what style of session are we having. With maternity sessions you can go as dramatic or laid back as you want. Pick whatever you think is right for you and fits your personality. When we start to plan your session, we will be sure to pick a location that fits your family, and then you can go from there in choosing an outfit.

If we are shooting at home, or at the park with your family and other children, you may want to keep it comfy in jeans and a fitted top, this mom chose this really pretty kimono that I thought was a nice touch to her laid back outfit. 

maternity portrait of mother in nursery holding belly | What to Wear for Maternity Photos | adriennelouisephotography.com

For a more dramatic look you might want to choose a gown. I love that this mama chose a sheer gown and floral crown for her session, it was perfect against the dramatic waterfall. 

maternity picture of mother in blue gown in front of Roswell Mill Waterfall | What to Wear for Maternity Photos | adriennelouisephotography.com

If you want something in between, a simple, well fitted dress is also a great option. Key word here is well fitted, if something does not fit you well, you will feel uncomfortable, and that will come through in your photos. Spend a little to get something you really like, you have already invested money, and time in to your photos, and I don't want you to look back at them and wish you would have worn something different.

On that note, you may also want to make a day of it, get your hair and makeup done, let's celebrate this miraculous thing you are doing!! I am happy to suggest stylists, and have some that will even come out on site with us. 

Maternity portrait of mother holding belly in field at Green Meadows Preserve | What to Wear for Maternity Photos | adriennelouisephotography.com

Where to Shop

Now for the fun part! Let's go shopping!! Below is a list of my favorite shops to rent or buy maternity dresses, and tops from.

Wren & Ivory - They have some of the cutest bump to non-bump friendly styles. I even love that many of their styles are nursing friendly. This way you can buy something nice that will transition with you after baby is here. Trust me, there is nothing worse than that in-between time where your maternity clothes are too big, but now you're pre-baby clothes don't quite fit either. Having a few nice pieces to get you through the transition will save your sanity, while you deal with more important things like your new baby!

Mama Bump Rentals - They have a really great selection of dresses. From dramatic gowns, to simple floral maxis. With rentals as low as $25.

Rent The Runway - I used this service recently for a wedding, and I loved it! They have a pretty big selection. They even send a backup size! The great thing about renting is that you get something really nice, but don't have to spend a ton. Use my code to get $30 off your first order.

Pink Blush - Great selection of dresses and other clothing items for the expecting, and not expecting mama!

Amazon - Not just for two-day shipments of diapers and wipes. They also have a decent selection of dresses at really good prices. As a warning though, they are cheap sometimes and they can be hit or miss, so be sure to order in enough time to return or find something else to wear in case it doesn't fit.

If you are expecting and want to book your own maternity session, contact me below! Maternity sessions are complimentary with your Lifestyle Newborn Session.