4 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

4 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas | adriennelouisephotography.com

With all the new babies I have been meeting, and the ones I am expecting later this year, I thought I would put together a few blog posts with some tips to make the journey in to parenthood a little more fun!!

One of my favorite things to do is shop for the baby shower. I love looking at all the sweet little clothes, soft pastel blankets, and of course those teeny tiny socks! While I love getting my mamas something they'll need off of their registry, I'm also a fan of thinking beyond the list for some experiences that expecting moms will love just as much as that bottle warmer.

These ideas are also really great if you are looking for something to get the seasoned mom who's expecting again, and just planning a sprinkle instead of a whole shower.

1. House Cleaning Service

Whether they use it during that third trimester nesting phase, or save it for after the baby is born, it's a great gift. Have you tried scrubbing a tub when you can barely see your toes? I remember being told that I should sleep when baby sleeps after my son was born. Sounds like a great plan, but there were still things like house cleaning I wanted to get done when I had two free hands at nap time. 

2. Mani, Pedi, Massage Combo

Remember what I said above about not being able to seeing your toes? Pedicures are clutch during pregnancy! While I loved pregnancy, those last weeks can be uncomfortable. A little pampering and relaxation time can go a long way. A lot of spas offer some great prenatal packages for pampering your mama to be.

3. A Night Out

Whether they are new parents to be, or seasoned parents, a night out is always appreciated! I never appreciated date nights more than after I had a baby. Gone are the every weekend trips of dinner and a movie. 

For your parents who already have children, offer to babysit and send them out for an afternoon or evening alone. For your new parents, give them a gift certificate for one of those paint or craft nights. It's a great way for parents to strengthen their relationship, and enjoy being together as they prepare for their big adventure in to parenthood.

4. Newborn Photographer

You might be surprised to hear, that the one thing I did not get when my baby was born was professional photography. If I knew what I knew now I would have made it a priority to book a session. So much happens after the baby is born, and life changes in such a huge way. There is so much emotion, love, joy, and happiness in these first days. Having a photographer will ensure that mom & dad can just be present in the moment, and also have beautiful images to share and enjoy for years to come. 

I offer both hospital, and in-home lifestyle sessions to beautifully capture those first days. Both of my packages also include a maternity session, where I will pamper mom and make her feel beautiful. This is a bit of a larger gift, but would make for a unique, and treasured, hostess or group gift.

Contact me to find out more about gift options, as well as how to add a session to your baby registry!

What are some of your favorite non-registry shower gifts? What's something you'd like to have, that may not be on your registry, before baby gets here?