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Not only did I get the opportunity to capture this family's Fresh 48, but I also got to see these two sweet babies once they made their way home! I get asked sometimes which session is better a Fresh 48 in the hospital or a Lifestyle Session at home? To be honest, I can't pick which one I love more. I think that they both bring something unique and equally as beautiful to the picture.

At a Fresh 48 Newborn Session, such as the one I did for this family, I was able to capture the exciting moment that big sister met her sisters for the very first time. That, my friends, is not something you get to re-enact! Those first days in the hospital are also such a blur with people coming in and out constantly, plus there's a big chance you haven't slept in a few days, it's all a blur after a while. Having Fresh 48 photos done helps you remember those first days. How little your baby was, how you felt the first time you saw them, how quickly you fell in love with them. 

toddler meeting twin sisters for the first time at Atlanta Northside Hospital

At a Lifestyle Newborn Session we do still capture the newness, and the connection, but we get to capture it in the place you call home, your people, in your place, surrounded by what makes you a family. There's more time to capture those sweet sibling photos, and I get to document that nursery you spent so much time preparing. I guess you could say there is a little more personality infused in this session. 

Both sessions are important, and if you can swing it, I urge you to book both. I do offer a special when you book both sessions. I will typically wait until your baby is 4 weeks to do a lifestyle newborn session if we also did a Fresh 48 so you get to see how much they have changed in just a mere 4 weeks. Hang on mama, because the growing and changing, it doesn't slow down! Give yourself something beautiful to hold on to these days that pass by so quickly. 

If you are expecting and want to discuss which newborn package might be right for you, please contact me using the button below, or e-mailing me at hello@adriennelouisephotography.com. My packages also include a complimentary maternity session in your third trimester.

Baby Eli | Woodstock Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I had such a fun time at this in-home lifestyle newborn session! Not only did we get some sweet shots of their new baby boy, but I also got to capture the energy of their 2 year old twins. We had just started the session, but like most sessions, the newborn decided he wanted to eat first. So the twins and I had some fun jumping on the bed. 

These sessions to me are all about capturing your new family, the connections you share, and the love you have built in your home. I love getting a few moments with the siblings, and just watching them interact with their new brother or sister. With toddlers those moments are short, but they can be oh so sweet!! 

Here are a few of my favorite images, probably a bit of an overshare, but I couldn't pick just a few!!

If you are expecting and want to book your lifestyle newborn session, contact me at adrienne@adriennelouisephotography.com. Newborn sessions include a complimentary maternity session in your third trimester! Gift certificates are also available, and make a great gift for expecting parents!

Proud Big Sister | Hoffman Fresh 48 Twins | Northside Atlanta Hospital | Atlanta Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer

If you've been around here for very long, you know how much I ADORE these Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions! This one was extra special because it included a sibling meeting! I was so fortunate to be able to be there to document her very first meeting of not one, but two little sisters!! She was over the moon in love with them from first sight. I even was able to capture her being a great big sister and helping with their feeding that day.

Even though I took these photos 3 months ago, looking at them again has put a huge smile on my face. It took me right back to that hospital room, and I could just feel the anticipation, excitement, and all of love in that little hospital room. I make it my goal for all of my clients to feel that when they look at the photos I have taken of them. 

If you are expecting and are interested in having those first precious days with your new little bundle documented contact me at adriennelouisephotography@gmail.com or call me 505-414-7224 to get on my on-call calendar. I shoot at all hospitals in the Greater Atlanta area. These simple sessions also make a great gift for the parents to be, or are a great add-on to your in-home lifestyle newborn session.

Brannon Twins | Woodstock Newborn Photographer

Last week I got the chance to capture with these two little cuties, welcome to the world Jacob & Jadyn! I won't lie, I was a little nervous about the challenge of working with twenty little fingers and twenty little toes, but they made it so easy. Thanks Mom & Dad!

They had just turned one month old, and slept like, well, babies. I love how connected twins are, my favorite pictures are the ones where I captured them cuddling together. It was hard to pick, but here were my favorites from the session.