Miller Family | Acworth Family Photographer

This family met me out at the lake on a steamy Georgia evening this summer. They are one of the families that I have photographed a few time this year, and I genuinely enjoy seeing them each time. It’s so fun to watch my client’s family’s grow and change with each session, and when you have really little ones, it happens fast and more often than you might think. Just check out their Fresh 48 session, and then head over to their in-home newborn session, both on my blog!

There are a couple of perks to using the same photographer session after session. One, is that your images will have some cohesiveness as far as style, making your gallery walls much easier to put together. Your kids are also comfortable with the photographer, so you spend less time warming them, and your husband, to the idea of them pointing a camera in your face for a bit.

It’s also a nice compliment to me when my client’s come back each time! Here’s a few of my favorites from our steamy summer session at the lake!

Whether it’s the first time we’ve worked together, or the tenth, I’d love to plan a session for your family! Contact me at 505-414-7224, or click below to get started planning your custom session!

Gregg Family | Atlanta Family Photographer

I don’t know why I have waited so long to blog this session…or so many others lately. The blogging bug has bit me though, and I am so excited to dig back in and share some of my recent favorites!

This family took me out on an adventure, and I can definitely say that I have never had this much fun on a session! Beyond taking photos, we had a great time just exploring this beautiful location, and taking in a gorgeous sunset!

I met Bekah (mom) through one of my photography groups last year, and I just cannot say enough nice things about her. She was one of the first real life (real life meaning not just a person I talked to on forums or Insta) photography people I had ever met. I was so nervous to meet a real life photographer for the first time, I was afraid she was going to call me on my bluff, and tell me I had no business being in the photography community. I tend to overthink things, and catastrophize…obviously. Instead she was, and has continued to be very welcoming, helpful, genuine, and just an awesome person to be around. She has truly made this journey in to the photography business a little easier, and more pleasant to navigate! Not to mention, she is also an amazing senior photographer, and she also did the amazing head shots you see here on my website!

Anywho, I was so excited when she asked me to take her family’s photos. We took a trip to Arabia Mountain, which is just outside of Atlanta. It’s an amazing spot with views unlike any other in Georgia. It actually reminds me a lot of where I grew up out west. It’s a short, and easy hike up to the top and the views are amazing at sunset! It’s definitely on my top list of places to shoot in Atlanta.

If you are interested in booking your own family sunset session, contact me below! My family sessions are meant to be fun, laid-back, and showcase the love and connection you share with you family!