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Newborn sessions, like most of my sessions, are pretty laid back. I come to your home to capture you and your new little bundle just hanging in your element. There aren't a lot of props, or posing of the baby, my focus is solely on your family and the connections you share. That being said, there is some preparation that needs to be done prior to your session to ensure my time there goes smoothly, and that your final images look amazing!

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Look at the light

In our initial consultation I will ask you to watch the light in your home, especially in the rooms you think you might want me to shoot in. For example, if you really want to showcase the nursery, I want to make sure I don't come when the sun might be directly blaring through the windows.

The master bedroom is also another popular location, or your family room. Rooms with North/South facing windows are the best anytime of day. If the room has East/West facing windows, we may have to be more time specific.

You don't have to pick a room, I am happy to evaluate and choose the room or rooms with the best light to shoot in. You may be surprised by the little nooks I might pick! Most importantly remember, these pictures aren't about the room, they are about your family. 


The Essentials

There are a few things that will help keep your baby comfortable, and help our session run smoothly that I suggest having on hand. While I don't do a lot of newborn posing, babies tend to stir a little when we are moving them, changing swaddles or clothing, and some of these things may help keep them happy/asleep.

That being said, your baby does not have to be asleep, it helps, especially when doing sibling photos with toddlers, but most of the time when I come for a session the babies are awake and we make it work. I do ask that you try and feed them right before I get there, but I know that during the newborn phase your schedule is ever changing, which is why these sessions can range anywhere from 2-3 hours just in case we need to stop and feed, change, or soothe the baby.

Here are a few of those must have items for your session:

  • A pacifier, if you are using one, to help soothe the baby as I might be moving them around.
  • A white swaddle, plus any other special swaddles you might want photographed. This site has a ton of super cute prints, I have also seen some on Etsy. These are also cute to have at Fresh 48 sessions! I tend to leave the babies swaddled for most of the session, they are just so happy all tightly wrapped up!
  • Turn up the heat, or have a space heater handy. This is just helpful again in keeping them asleep and happy when we are changing them, or doing photos of them laying by themselves or unswaddled.
  • White noise, there are lots of apps that I have handy on my phone. If you don't have, or haven't registered for one of these, go do it now! White noise is a game changer for newborns, you can thank me later!
  • Fresh flowers, these aren't a must have, but sending hubby out for some before your session can just pull in some color and liven up a room! 
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Hide the Clutter

Let me start off by saying, I do not expect that your house look perfect, and by no means should that give you any hesitation about booking an in-home session. None of the homes I have shot in look like those houses you see on Pinterest. Removing some of the clutter though will help keep the focus on your family and not distract from the final images. This is a lifestyle session, so I want to see your life.

Things like breast pumps, water cups but the side of the bed, that mail that's been piling up on your counter, etc., just kind of hide it away where you can. If you have other children, don't feel like you have to hide their toys away and pretend like they don't play, just kind of put them away. I actually love to get some shots with big brother/sister in their playrooms, and with some of their favorite things. It makes them feel like they have a special part of the session, and they tend to relax in that space.

Once we decide where we want to shoot, I may move around furniture, so we can get shots with the best light. 

I shot 75% of this newborn session in this families dining room after moving over the dining room table a bit! There's a big window camera right that was letting in some gorgeous light!

I shot 75% of this newborn session in this families dining room after moving over the dining room table a bit! There's a big window camera right that was letting in some gorgeous light!

If you are interested in booking an in-home lifestyle newborn session with me, please click the button below to be taken to the contact form, or send me an email to I am happy to answer any of your questions and look forward to working with you!