mom and son walking on beach in Sea Pines, GA

I am so happy you’re here!

I am mom to a spunky 4 year old boy who is basically the reason you’re here.

I started this business with a camera and a dream to create something beautiful for my family. Little did I know how deeply I’d fall in love with it all, and the families that I’ve met.

I run off a strong cup of coffee (or 5), stolen kisses from my sweet boy, daily laughs from my other half, and grace…all the grace.

The people I get to call family are my biggest fans, and I strive to show the families I serve with the same compassion, and care we share.

My favorite images are the ones where I really feel like I capture you and your family as I see you. If there is one thing being a mom has taught me, is that there is so much beauty in the chaos when we just embrace it. Tickle fights, inside jokes, sleepy newborn snuggles, the anticipation of what’s to come, these are just a few of the moments I love capturing.

I am also a dog mom, Jesus follower, and day dreamer.

Fun fact: I was once a hand double for Hilary Swank.

Short films from my personal archives, featuring my family!!